Gender Male
Town where life was pronounced extinct Norbury
Date of Inquest 20.07.2022 @10am
Inquest Opened
Current Status Inquest to be held @ Croydon Chambers , Town Hall, Katherine Street Croydon CR01NX


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Date of Birth Forename Surname Gender Date of Inquest Time
23.09.1976 Simon Patrick BYRNE Male 29.06.2022 @10am
21.10.1947 Thelma COCKLIN Female 30.06.2022 @10am
24.03.1997 Joe WOOD Male 01.07.2022@10am
15.09.1931 Denis HEALY Male 01.07.2022@1:30pm
07.12.1978 Kay BLENARD Female 01.07.2022@2:30pm
22.10.1987 Rebecca WILSON Female 06.07.2022@10am
10.04.1980 Carlyle DEANE Male 06.07.2022@12pm
23.09.1952 Michael A JARVIS Male 06.07.2022@2pm
27.06.1974 Deborah WHITE Female 07.07.2022@10am
31.03.1984 Annette NAKAYIZA Female 08.07.2022@10am
30.12.1933 Janet HILL Female 08.07.2022@2pm
13.06.1940 Brian J LAWRENCE Male 08.07.2022@3:30pm
24.05.1962 Rosemary GIBSON Female 11.07.2022@10am
10.08.1986 Daniel MORRISON Male 20.07.2022 @10am

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