Legal aid is not generally available for representation at inquests because an inquest is a fact-finding process. Unlike other proceedings for which legal aid might be available, there are no parties in inquests, only interested persons. Interested persons and witnesses are not expected to present legal arguments.
The coroner must ensure that the process is fair, impartial, thorough and the relevant questions have of the interested persons have been answered.
Legal Aid may be available to cover representation at the inquest in exceptional cases. Applicants must qualify financially and meet strict criteria for representation to be funded. These criteria are that:
a. There is a significant wider public interest in applicant being represented at the inquest
b. The circumstances of the death appear to be such that funded representation is likely to be necessary to enable the coroner to investigate the case efficiently and establish the facts, providing¬† that the applicant was a member of the deceased’s immediate family.

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