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All inquests held by the South London HM Coroner are held at the South London Coroner’s Court, 2nd Floor, Davis House, Robert Street, Croydon CR0 1QQ.

 The nearest station to South London Coroner’s Court is East Croydon.  There are also other public transport connections such as the East Croydon bus station and tram stop which are a short walk from the Court.  Follow the link below to find a public transport route

Opening of Inquests

We do not routinely list inquest openings.  These are short hearings at which limited particulars concerning the deceased are given, and it is unusual for witnesses or interested persons to attend. 

When a coroner’s investigation into a death is complete, a date for a full inquest will be set.  This date can be found on the Home Page of this website.  Those with interested person status will be informed of the date by the Coroner’s Officer and witnesses giving oral evidence will be asked to attend.  If they are unwilling to attend voluntarily they may be served with a Witness Summons where failure to attend can result in a warrant for a person’s arrest, imprisonment or a fine.  The inquest is held in the public interest and not on behalf of any individual.  The family and other interested persons can be represented by a lawyer but it is not a requirement and most inquests take place without such representation.

It is not necessary for the bereaved relatives to attend the inquest if they do not wish to as sometimes the death may need to be dealt with in graphic terms.  If you do attend the inquest you can be accompanied by a relative, supporter, or friend.  A member of the Coroners’ Courts Support Service ( may be there to offer you support if you so wish.  On arrival to Davis House please notify the security at reception that you are attending an inquest at the Coroner’s Court.  You will be directed to the 2nd floor where the Coroner’s Court reception is situated.  Please note that an Officer or member of staff will call you through to the Court Room once the Coroner is ready to start the inquest which you are attending.