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touching the deaths of:

 Donald Collett, Dane Chinnery, Robert Huxley, Philip Logan, Dorota Rynkiewicz, Philip Seary and Mark Smith

Inquests: 17th May 2021 to 13th August 2021

In The Council Chamber, Croydon Town Hall, Katharine St, Croydon, CR0 1NX

Dear members of the Press (and all IPs)

The submissions and ruling concerning the Norfolk case have not be made in the presence of the Jury.  Therefore, I must remind you that you may not report (in any form) the contents of the same. Once the Jury return with a conclusion, this restriction will be lifted.

 HMSC Miss Ormond-Walshe

Please Note:

In line with the principle of open justice the court is open. Family members, those others who have been given Interested Person status, lawyers for Interested Persons and witnesses are welcome to attend court together with journalists and members of the public.

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, social distancing continues to apply. That means seats in court are limited. There is seating for all lead advocates. There are a further 24 seats available for family members, members of the public and members of the press who wish to attend in person. Those who wish to attend are kindly asked to email the court on at least two days in advance to ensure that appropriate and safe arrangements can be put in place and to confirm that enough seating is available.

S9(2) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 makes it contempt of court to broadcast recordings of court proceedings to the public. Remote access to journalists may only lawfully be given by way of audio transmission if the coroner expressly disapplies s9 of the 1981 Contempt of Court Act. There is an absolute statutory prohibition of members of the public or press having access to a visual broadcast. (The Chief Coroner’s Guidance No 38 Remote Participation in coronial proceedings via video and audio broadcast, 11th June 2020).  The coroner will consider, on application, disapplying s9 to permit the members of the Press to have audio access to the hearing.

South London Coroner’s Court

Previous hearings:

The first procedural hearing took place at midday, 11th December 2019 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon CR0 1NX.

The second procedural hearing took place at 10am 29th January 2020 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon CR0 1NX.

The third procedural hearing took place at 10am 6th August 2020 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katherine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX.

The fourth procedural hearing took place at 10am 25th September 2020 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katherine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX

The fifth procedural hearing took place at 2pm 28th January 2021 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katherine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX

The sixth procedural hearing took place 10am 30th April 2021 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katherine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX

Direction: Section 39 Children & Young Persons Act 1933

I have an important direction to give in relation the publication of names and other details relating to children and young persons.

I hereby prohibit the publication of the name, address, school of any child or young person referred to or concerned in these proceedings  or any particulars that might lead to the identification of such children

I do so under the power conferred upon me by section 39 of the Children & Young Persons Act 1933.

Any person who includes any such particular or particulars in a publication in contravention of my order shall on summary conviction be liable in respect of each offence to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale.

“Publication” includes any speech, writing, relevant programme or other communication in whatever form, which is addressed to the public at large or any section of the public.

“Relevant programme” means a programme included in a programme service within the meaning of the Broadcasting Act 1990.

HM Senior Coroner S Ormond-Walshe

18th May 2021


South London Coroner’s court is Open.  That means family members, Interested Persons, lawyers, witnesses, journalists and members of the public are all are welcome to attend.  However, during this pandemic social distancing is in place and must be followed, together with the wearing of a mask.  Due to social distancing in place, seats in court are more limited than normal.

Family members, persons with Interested Person status, witnesses, lawyers representing Interested Persons and member of the Press may attend the hearings remotely.  It is helpful for the court to be put on notice at least 24 hours before the hearing date and time, that someone is asking to attend remotely.

At the hearing no person attending remotely may further disclose documents issued by the court, nor exhibits shown in the hearing, nor make a photograph, video or audio recording of the hearing.  Failure to follow this direction may risk being in contempt of court.

If in doubt, please contact the court for a ruling.

HM Senior Coroner S Ormond-Walshe

1st March 2021

The Coroner's Court is located at 

South London Coroner's Service, Davis House,
Robert Street, Croydon

The location of the Coroner's court is easily accessible in central Croydon, close to East Croydon Rail and Tramlink Stations and to a bus station.  The court is approximately a 10 minute walk from East Croydon train station.  Detailed further directions if required are available on application to the South London Coroner’s Office. Public car parking is available in Wandle Road car park but not in the court complex itself.









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Date of Birth Forename Surname Gender Date of Inquest
09.04.1938 Maureen BALDWIN Female 15.07.21 @ 10am
9386248 David Sean Rober Colgan Male 16/07/2021 @ 10:00 am
9374947 Terence HOLLOWAY Male 20/07/2021 @ 14:30 PM
9508254 Terence HUTCHINSON Male 22/07/2021 @ 14:30
9831682 Ian Gaskell MORGAN Male 28/07/2021 @ 13;30 PM
9765081 Benjamin Paul TULLY Male 28/07/2021 @ 15:00pm
9522244 Audrey June CHAMPION Female 29/07/2021 @ 15:00 pm
6327897 Annalise Luffingham 09/08/2021 @ 10:00
9555947 Rene Jerome KUNISCH Male 11/08/2021 @ 14:00
9615982 Andrew BRADLEY Male 11/08/2021 @15:00
9032312 Valerie Evelyn CARLIN Female 16/08/2021 @13:00 pm
311129 Vincent MCDONNELL Male 19/08/2021 @ 15:00
Terence John COOK Male 02/08/2021 @ 10:30
30.12.1960 Kevin LUCAS Male 16.07.21 @ 12 noon
15.04.1987 Jack SHERREN Male 16.07.21 @ 3pm
21.01.1981 Dritan QEMA Male 19.07.21 @ 10am
06.09.1963 Penelope KIRK Female 20.07.21 @ 10am
23.12.1966 Paul DUMBLETON Male 20.07.21 @ 1pm
16.02.1972 Agnierzka KORZENIOWSKA Female 21.07.21 @ 10am
29.08.1996 Richard BOATENG Male 21.07.21 @ 10.30am
11.01.1960 Stephen VERRALL Male 21.07.21 @ 1pm
17.08.1990 Raphael GILL Male 21.07.21 @ 2.30pm
04.03.1914 Eileen DONAGHEY Female 26.07.21 @ 10am
23.10.1970 David WATTS Male 26.07.21 @ 1.30pm
27.04.1956 Linda ELDIN Female 26.07.21 @ 2pm
12.02...............2017 Christina BANCIU Female 27.07.21 @ 10am
16.07.1982 Rachel BRACKSTONE Female 28.07.21 @ 2pm
11.10.1996 Anthony SCOTT Male 28.07.21 @ 2pm
18.09.1932 Robert FRANKLIN Male 29.07.21 @ 10am
25.12.1930 Alan SINGERS Male 30.07.21 @ 10am
04.04.1972 Terry KING Male 30.07.21 @ 1pm
21.09.1938 Joan WINTER Female 03.08.21 @ 10am
21.09.1938 Joan WINTER Female 04.08.21 @ 10am
09.09.1933 Hazel WILTSHIRE Female 04.08.21 @ 1pm
02.03.1934 John HUMPHRIES Male 05.08.21 @ 10am
14.08.1937 Bryan MORGAN Male 06.08.21 @ 10am
22.12.1941 Lesley LATHAM Female 06.08.21 @ 12.30pm
24.08.........1931 Lilian FREEMAN Female 06.08.21 @ 1pm
14.01.1932 Grace LAMING Female 10.08.21 @10am
28.08.1932 Francis ROONEY Male 10.08.21 @ 1.30pm
02.06.1936 Kathleen ORD Female 11.08.21 @ 10am
09.08.1957 Brian DAVIS Male 12.08.21 @ 10am
07.05.1966 Gregory ISAACS Male 12.08.21 @ 3pm
15.10.1966 Andrew MARBER Male 13.08.21 @ 10am
30.01.1926 Roy WEBB Male 16.08.21 @ 10am
30.09.1983 Michael THOMPSON Male 16.08.21 @ 2pm
01.05.1949 Glen NEDD Male 17.08.21 @ 10am
01.05.......1949 Glen NEDD Male 18.08.21 @ 10am
28.07.1995 Chiago TABANSI Female 19.08.21 @ 10am
18.10.1974 Ryszard CZEREDRECKI Male 20.08.21 @ 10am
12.06.1951 Caroline BELL Female 20.08.21 @ 2pm

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Those who wish to attend court and who have any special requirements (including, for example, a need for translation or interpretation services or help with reading) are requested to contact the office dealing with the inquest well in advance.  Wheelchair access is available, but please advise us ahead of your visit so that all necessary arrangements can be made.  The courts have toilets, waiting rooms, telephones, and facilities for people with disabilities.  It is appreciated if prior warning can be given by those requiring any specific facilities.