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The inquests arising from the Sandilands Tram Crash have been adjourned pending the police investigation.  In order to avoid any inconvenience the coroner has decided not to list a pre-inquest review hearing until after the outcome of the police investigation, but will keep the matter under review and any developments or updates will be posted to this website.


The Coroner's Court is located at 

South London Coroner's Service, Davis House,
Robert Street, Croydon

The location of the Coroner's court is easily accessible in central Croydon, close to East Croydon Rail and Tramlink Stations and to a bus station.  The court is approximately a 10 minute walk from East Croydon train station.  Detailed further directions if required are available on application to the South London Coroner’s Office. Public car parking is available in Wandle Road car park but not in the court complex itself.


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SR No. Forename Surname Gender Date of Inquest
0254/2016 Barbara DANAHER Female 23.11.17 @ 10am
0506/2017 Ernest COOK Male 23.11.17 @ 11.30am
0996/2017 Julia MacPHERSON Female Day 1: 24.11.17 @ 10am
0996/2017 Julia MacPHERSON Female Day 2: 27.11.17 @ 10am
1001/2017 Erwin JONES Male 28.11.17 @ 10am
1178/2017 Reginald GARDNER Male 28.11.17 @ 11.30am
1176/2017 Judith JOHN Male 28.11.17 @ 2.30pm
1143/20117 John PRESTON Male 28.11.17 @ 3pm
1307/2017 Sharon FERRELL Female 30.11.17 @ 12pm
1490/2017 Graham CLARKE Male 30.11.17 @ 1pm
1496/2016 Sarah Marie BLACKALL RIX Female 30.11.17 @ 2pm
1358/2017 Simon BIRKETT Male 04.12.17 @ 12pm
1490/2017 Prabha RATNASABAPATHY Male 04.12.17 @ 2pm
1402/2017 Dorothy SCHRUBB Female 04.12.17 @ 3pm
1293/2016 Carl SIMPSON Male 05.12.17 @ 10am
0253/2017 Annabel URQUHART Female 05.12.17 @ 11am
0869/2017 Jacqueline TAYLOR Female 05.12.17 @ 1pm
1039/2017 Michael GOODINGS Male 06.12.17 @ 10am
1373/2017 Shaun FARRELL Male 06.12.17 @ 3.30pm
1120/2016 Lettie HOLDEN Female 07.12.17 @ 10am
1838/2016 Sylvia ABERNETHY Female 07.12.17 @ 12.30pm
1308/2017 Anthony ALLCHIN Male 07.12.17 @ 2.30pm
1391/2017 Paul JONES Male 08.12.17 @ 11.30am
1092/2017 Alan BURKE Male 08.12.17 @ 1pm
0093/2017 Edvinas JANKEVICIUS Male 11.11.17
1974/2017 Michael JONAS Male 13.11.17
0573/2017 Colin PECK Male 13.11.17
1506/2017 Anthony SIMMS Male 13.11.17
1356/2017 Terence DREW Male 13.11.17
1426/2017 Mark TULLY Male 13.11.17
1968/2017 Doris McCARTHY Female 13.11.17
1760/2017 David WILLIAMS Male 13.11.17
1862/2017 Mary SPRING Female 13.11.17
1472/2017 Ricky MARNEY Male 13.11.17
1868/2017 Kenneth WARNER Male 13.11.17
1879/2017 Stephen VERRALL Male 13.11.17
1819/2017 Peter CARMICHAEL Male 15.11.17
1007/2017 Brian WILKINSON Male 15.11.17
1930/2017 Eamon KARIM Male 15.11.17
1785/2017 Joy CONNOLLY Female 15.11.17
1010/2017 Stephanie MONTOOTH Female 15.11.17

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Those who wish to attend court and who have any special requirements (including, for example, a need for translation or interpretation services or help with reading) are requested to contact the office dealing with the inquest well in advance.  Wheelchair access is available, but please advise us ahead of your visit so that all necessary arrangements can be made.  The courts have toilets, waiting rooms, telephones, and facilities for people with disabilities.  It is appreciated if prior warning can be given by those requiring any specific facilities.