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South London Coroner’s Service 2nd Floor Davis House Robert Street Croydon CR0 1QQ

All correspondence for the South London Coroners Court should be addressed to the above address.
Main switchboard: 020 8313 1883
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The Coroner's Court is located at 

South London Coroner's Service, Davis House,
Robert Street, Croydon

The location of the coroner's court is signposted and easily accessible in central Croydon, near the Fairfield Halls and close to East Croydon Rail and Tramlink Stations and to a bus station. Detailed further directions and a map, if required, are available on application to any of the South London Coroner’s Offices. Public car parking is available in Central Croydon car parks but not in the court complex itself..


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SR No. Forename Surname Gender Date of Inquest
215-2017 Kitty Hindson Female 22-02-2017 10:30
2038-2016 June Mulford Female 22-02-2017 11:00
2128-2010 Olaseni Lewis Male 23-02-2017 10:00
365-2017 Hester Lyon Male 24-02-2016 10:00
434-2017 Denise Rudd Female 24-02-2016 10:30
412-2017 Henrietta Woods Female 24-02-2016 11:00
362-2017 Ronald Roccia Male 24-02-2016 11:30
1962-2016 Peter Everist Male 24-02-2016 12:00
1394-2016 Leslie Harden Male 24-02-2016 13:30
2001-2016 Alan McLeod Male 24-02-2016 14:00
2128-2010 Olaseni Lewis Male 27-02-2017 10:00
2128-2010 Olaseni Lewis Male 28-02-2017 10:00
2128-2010 Olaseni Lewis Male 01-03-2017 10:00
2128-2010 Olaseni Lewis Male 02-02-2017 10:00
0660-2016 Lilian Dryer Female 03-03-2017 10:00

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Those who wish to attend court and who have any special requirements (including, for example, a need for translation or interpretation services or help with reading) are requested to contact the office dealing with the inquest well in advance. Wheelchair access is available, but please advise us in advance if possible so that all necessary arrangements can be made. The courts have toilets, refreshments, waiting rooms, telephones, and facilities for people with disabilities. It is appreciated if prior warning can be given by those requiring facilities for disabled persons or if any help is needed with translations.