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South London Coroner’s Service,  2nd Floor,  Davis House,          Robert Street,  Croydon  CR0 1QQ

We cover the London boroughs of Croydon, Sutton, Bromley and Bexley.

All correspondence for the South London Coroner’s Court should be addressed to the above.  Both the court and office are at the above address.

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COVID-19 Notice

14th August 2020

During the current Pandemic all staff are now working remotely, tirelessly to continue our service to you.

However, we are not able to receive any correspondence sent to us by post or courier so for all general enquiries please email  and we will endeavour to respond to you within 3 working days.

If you are a professional sending us a referral please email

If you are a funeral director requesting cremation papers you can now email your request with the relevant details to and we will email the documents to you when available for release. 


It is with regret that the Sandilands Inquests, originally due to commence on Monday 19 October, have been formally adjourned.  This decision has been made following confirmation that London will move to “Tier 2” restrictions from Midnight, Friday 16 October.

As a result, the latest Public Health advice recommends two metre social distancing must be observed in all parts of the Town Hall.  This means it will not be possible to safely host all jurors, family members of the deceased, other Interested Persons (Parties) and all legal teams within the main Council Chamber or live video feed room with these restrictions in place.  An adjournment is therefore the most appropriate course of action given the current circumstances and the need to prioritise the health and safety of everyone involved in these Inquests.

The situation will be re-visited in two weeks’ time and a consideration made then as to whether we can resume the Inquests.  Our goal will be to resume the Inquests as soon as it is safe to do so.  We are particularly conscious of the fact that the families of the deceased have waited a very long time already for this hearing to commence.

Members of the press should direct any questions on the adjournment to 0800 368 8490 or

All other enquiries should be directed to the Coroner’s Office as normal.

Previous hearings:

The first procedural hearing took place at midday, 11th December 2019 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon CR0 1NX.

The second procedural hearing took place at 10am 29th January 2020 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon CR0 1NX.

The third procedural hearing took place at 10am 6th August 2020 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katherine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX.

The fourth procedural hearing took place at 10am 25th September 2020 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katherine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX


Any person admitted to a remote hearing at South London Coroner’s Court is bound by the following direction from the Senior Coroner:

With respect to the coroner’s investigation, of which this hearing is part, no person attending remotely may further disclose documents previously issued by the court, or exhibits shown in the hearing, or make a recording of the hearing without permission of the coroner.  

 Disclosure is permitted to legal and professional advisors and immediate members of the deceased’s family in connection with the investigation.  

 Journalists may wish to apply to the coroner to record a hearing if it is necessary to enable fair reporting.  Failure to follow this direction may risk being in contempt of court. If in doubt, please contact the court for a ruling.

  • Do not share documents without permission
  • Do not share photographs or exhibits without permission
  • Do not make recordings without permission

H M Coroner S. Ormond-Walshe

Senior Coroner, South London

South London Coroners Court

1st June 2020

The Coroner's Court is located at 

South London Coroner's Service, Davis House,
Robert Street, Croydon

The location of the Coroner's court is easily accessible in central Croydon, close to East Croydon Rail and Tramlink Stations and to a bus station.  The court is approximately a 10 minute walk from East Croydon train station.  Detailed further directions if required are available on application to the South London Coroner’s Office. Public car parking is available in Wandle Road car park but not in the court complex itself.









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Date of Birth Forename Surname Gender Date of Inquest
19.03.1988 Arron FOLEY Male 28.10.20 @ 10am
23.07.1948 Keith LLOYD Male 19.10.20 @ 1.30pm
18.10.2019 Devonte BRISCOE-GOLDING Male 20.10.20 @ 3pm
19.08.1964 Paul MAITLAND Male 21.10.20 @ 2pm
20.05.1973 Diamond ADUBEA Female 22.10.20 @ 10am
01.02.1984 Joseph ALLEN Male 22.10.20 @ 2pm
18.04.1956 John SNELL Male 26.10.20 @ 10am
07.02.1964 Gary SAWYER Male 26.10.20 @ 1pm
01.09.1983 Gillian MORAND Female 26.10.20 @ 2pm
01.05.1970 David LAW-KWANG Male 26.10.20 @ 2.30pm
14.09.2005 Kuzivakwashe MATOPE Male 27.10.20 @ 10am
19.06.1970 Colette MALE Female 28.10.20 @ 2.30pm
17.08.1951 Patricia TOWNER Female 29.10.20 @ 10am
08.03.1976 Sonia MITTOO Female 29.10.20 @ 3pm

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Those who wish to attend court and who have any special requirements (including, for example, a need for translation or interpretation services or help with reading) are requested to contact the office dealing with the inquest well in advance.  Wheelchair access is available, but please advise us ahead of your visit so that all necessary arrangements can be made.  The courts have toilets, waiting rooms, telephones, and facilities for people with disabilities.  It is appreciated if prior warning can be given by those requiring any specific facilities.